Tinsel Swain is an enchanted story poem written by Craig Cherry and illustrated by Laura Kehoe. The dark fairy, Tinsel Swain, takes you into the minds of three people on three different planets. Follow Tinsel's adventures with Volaris on the ancient planet Zentauri as they are forced onto the Island of the Haunted to escape the Death Lord. Discover the Vampire Theatre with Fatal Jolt the actor, on the Zombie Planet, Dungarvan. Then, feel the passion of Zachron the poet on the futuristic Tyclops Planet.

The common thread that ties the three worlds together is Tinsel Swain. Who is she and why is she involved with so many lives on so many distant worlds? The story poem takes you across the dimensions of space and time to a place called Vortex World where the answer to the mystery is finally revealed. This is an inspiring 50 page paperback, with 31 pages of illustrations.

In the poetic style of Edgar Allan Poe, with a touch of Greek Tragedy and Sci-Fi, you will find new meanings each time you read Tinsel Swain! Enjoy the wonderful illustrations again and again. It is an inspirational New Age poem.