Q: Why did you choose music as a career?
A: My brother, Bill, took guitar lessons and formed a rock & roll band and I followed him around. Later, he taught me bass guitar and after 2 weeks of lessons, I got in a band because my brother had a hit record on a local radio station in Miami, Florida. He was popular and people just started asking me to be in their bands. I played in some groups with my brother and when he quit the business to go away to a university, the band business was just turned over to me. Later...I was offered the chance to play with some excellent musicians and when I realized that I got better by playing with more experienced players I was inspired. People liked my "attack the bass" style of playing, my showmanship and even the early songs I wrote. I went down the musician path because I had the opportunity and the encouragement
Q: What type of music do you create?
A: I like to think of my style as alternative rock. But also like the Beatles or Pink Floyd, not that I sound like them, it's just that it is music that has no limitations or one kind of sound. I feel folk, blues, country, soul, heavy rock and more...I feel it all.
Q: Who or what were your influences?
A: Bob Dylan, the original 60's British invasion groups, 70's theatrical rock, 80's recording techniques, 90's new age and now anybody today that writes a song that is interestng or surprising.
Q: Why is your music special?
A: I say something out of the ordinary, attention-grabbing and basically just communicate it in an appealing musical way. I write mostly message songs that tell a story or give a philosophy, but at the same time I am entertaining. I have fun campy stuff too, not everything is life changing, but some of it is. I am also musically balanced in my presentation and I produce my own recordings. Everything is there for a reason, to enhance the next measure, to move the ideas along and complete the story.
Q: Do you have a particular event in your career that you are most proud of?
A: Playing bass guitar for Dion on a major nationwide tour was great. When Dion turned to me on the plane and said I might as well be Paul McCartney sitting next to him on the way to a concert, I was very humbled, but also proud. It was one of the few times my mother was proud too. She was also a Dion fan.
Q: What's happening next?
A: I am writing, producing new songs, publishing my book...and I am starting a new life with a new lady, I call her "my sweets". I feel stable, inspired and ready..... it is time to rock out again!